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Is your libido at half mast and you would like to experience desire for your partner again? This bracelet will help you find the desire, the pleasure and the motivation for harmonious couple relations.

Your bracelet contains:

- GARNET beads

Stone of transmutation of amorous passion. It allows the being to be freed from his "instincts" and to better understand the mechanisms and the meaning of sexual desire. It also helps to strengthen sexual energy if it turns out to be faulty or unbalanced.

- RED JASPER beads

Dynamism on the sexual organs which causes a regulation of deregulated female hormones and more desires, pleasure in intimate relations.


Carnelian can help with disorders related to sexuality by stimulating desire.


Rock crystal enhances the effect of other stones. It will increase their benefits tenfold.

NON-CONTRACTUAL PHOTO: each stone being unique, their colors may vary a little from the photo (but of course the general aspect will be respected). The stones can present some irregularities, this is due to the material itself and does not remove any property from the minerals.

8mm beads each, 0.8mm elastic thread.
Sent by letter followed within 8 working days maximum.

TIP: Wear your bracelet every day and place it for a few minutes every evening on the lower abdomen for even more efficiency.

Bracelet to increase LIBIDO

Bracelet "Boost Sexuality"

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