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FOR ANY ORDER OF A PATH OF LIFE BRACELET, YOU MUST PUT THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION AT THE TIME OF YOUR PURCHASE IN THE BOX (ADD A NOTE). The information is: - All your first names (if you have more than one). - Mom's birth name. - The name of the father. - Your date of birth. WITHOUT THESE INFORMATION WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCEPT THE ORDER AND THEREFORE MANUFACTURE THE BRACELET THANKS. What is a life path bracelet? On the surface, the path of life bracelet looks like a very ordinary piece of jewelry. It consists of several small colored beads. Without a doubt, novices in the field see it as a simple ornament. However, the path of life bracelet has some real peculiarities. Far from being just an aesthetic accessory, it is above all a spiritual tool. Its 8 pearls are chosen according to extremely precise data and calculations. The life bracelet is therefore completely unique, and always tailor-made. It is mainly the names, first names and dates of birth of the person that will define the stones used. The objective is that the path of life bracelet meets the specific energy needs of the one who wears it. What concepts is it based on? According to various beliefs, the name and surname of an individual are not trivial. They even represent fundamental indicators of our personal history. True reflection of our identity, they have a profound impact on our personality and our conscience. Our date of birth is also an important symbol. Directly linked to the cosmos and the planets, it also reflects parameters of our personality. There is also a strong notion of destiny and a universal plan in the date of birth. The vibrations of the earth on the day we come into the world will influence our choices throughout our life. It is for this reason that the date of birth is not considered as a simple coincidence, but rather as a spiritual sign. In view of all this unique information, the life bracelet then becomes a unique object, totally specific to each individual. Mixing numerology and lithotherapy, this esoteric accessory is able to bring you many benefits. What are the benefits of the Life Path bracelet? The path of life bracelet, through very precise calculations, will allow you to wear the stones you need on a daily basis. Each stone benefits from specific energy virtues. These can be physical, psychological or spiritual benefits. The path of life bracelet could be summed up as an improved lithotherapy practice. Not only will you benefit from the power of the stones, but from a whole assemblage of stones entirely chosen according to your deepest identity. The virtues of the Life Path bracelet therefore correspond exactly to what you need when you need it. They are totally personalized. Moreover, it is useless to lend your jewelry to anyone, because it will have no effect on anyone other than you. The life path bracelet can therefore be considered as a unique way to guide your life. It helps you to become a better version of yourself every day. It offers you intuitive guidance in all circumstances, and allows you to make the best choices. As you wear it, you will gradually observe changes that are both subtle and intense. These can be changes in character, moods, emotional management, or even physical disorders. The path of life bracelet works where it is needed, on time. This spiritual accessory can also help you achieve your goals more easily, by triggering certain clicks in you. It will ultimately act in depth in the healing of your wounds and the unwinding of your unconscious blockages.

Life path bracelet

  • To be able to order you must leave us your information to be able to make the bracelet thank you.

    following information:

    - First names if there are several

    - your mom's maiden name

    - your daddy's name

    - And your date of birth

    All the information given will not be destroyed after each end of the life path bracelet design.

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