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- Stones to promote fertility and pregnancy. * Red Jasper: Red jasper, stone of vitality, promotes stimulation and balance of reproductive organs. Very appreciated in traditional medicine, red jasper intervenes on the first chakra. This stone has the power to regulate female hormones, especially following an interrupted pregnancy or miscarriage. Known to aid fertility, it also releases beneficial energy around the time of gestation, giving you all the strength you need. Wearing red jasper will help you overcome pregnancy ailments such as nausea. However, as red jasper is energizing and quick-acting, you should avoid wearing it throughout pregnancy, especially if you are stressed or irritable. In the same way, this stone having the property of facilitating childbirth, it may be avoided to wear it in the last trimester of pregnancy or in the event that there is a risk of giving birth prematurely. Beneficial for the post-partum, it can be worn after childbirth, because it reduces bleeding and promotes healing. * Moonstone: Moonstone is the mineral of femininity and motherhood par excellence, because it stimulates fertility. We advise women who wish to have a baby to wear a moonstone at all times. Its regulatory properties promote the balance of menstruation and hormonal secretions. It also relieves painful, irregular or heavy periods. Moonstone develops the yin side during pregnancy. The dad can also wear this stone to be even more attentive to his feminine part and that of the mum. It will act on your digestive system, by reducing the acid reflux, but also on your skin, your complexion and your hair. Soothing, it will calm your anxieties during pregnancy. When your baby is born, the moonstone will help your milk flow. It will bring harmony and serenity throughout baby's growth. * Carnelian: flagship stone of the sacral chakra, like the moonstone, Carnelian promotes fertility and hormonal balance. Carnelian works on the ovaries and allows the purification of the fluids that make up the body. On a more emotional level, it helps to regulate blockages in this area, by absorbing negative energies experienced and accumulated. If on the solar chakra, it soothes in the event of anger, irritability or heightened emotionality, it nevertheless remains an orange stone, sometimes with a red tendency.

Bracelet "Fertilization"

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