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Bracelet: "Healing, Wisdom" Blue quartz: Actions attributed to blue quartz on the physical plane Blue quartz is used more psychically and spiritually than on the physical plane. It is all the same a stone which makes it possible to take care of the problems related to the ENT system such as sinusitis, bronchitis or ear infections. It helps a lot in case of rhinitis with stuffy nose to decongest the nasal walls. Actions attributed to blue quartz on a psychic level Blue quartz is known to strengthen the immune system and bring a cellular rebalancing to the metabolism. It helps in the purification of the body and therefore promotes healing. It is recommended to facilitate self-expression. It loosens the throat and chest area while dispelling inner fears. It is an accelerator to creativity and inner peace. Finally, it is recommended for oral presentations to help build confidence and express yourself clearly and audibly. Howlite: Howlite is effective for certain heart conditions. The damage caused by stress, fatigue, anger and many other everyday hazards can have bad consequences on your body. However, they are often given little importance. Indeed, the virtues of Howlite can complement a medical follow-up by relieving certain diseases such as arterial hypertension. This is particularly the case when the latter is associated with stress or obesity. Howlite can also be used in preventive methods. For example, if you are a person at risk of heart failure, howlite could help you anticipate this disease, because it is a stone with calming properties. Howlite is a stabilizing stone. On a mental level, howlite stone is able to establish a certain coherence between feelings by giving you a sense of responsibility and dispelling all your fears. Stone of reason, howlite can support you in difficult times by giving you maximum comfort. Therefore, it helps you get rid of your phobias so that you can move forward and evolve in life. This property of howlite is also effective in combating insomnia by improving the quality of sleep and reducing depression and hypersensitivity.

Bracelet "Healing, wisdom and inner peace"

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