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On the physical level, leopard jasper brings together all the virtues common to jasper in general. However, lithotherapy gives this stone its own peculiarities. Used for the lower abdomen, leopard jasper could relieve various ailments of this part of the body. From childbirth complications, to digestive and kidney problems. Leopard jasper would promote all digestive phases from swallowing to the elimination of food through the phases of transformation and assimilation. People suffering from skin problems of viral origin could overcome these inconveniences with the use of leopard jasper. The stone would also be very suitable for reducing body odor. On a psychic level, leopard jasper is a stone of mental balance. It would also reduce neuronal wasting and stimulate memory. As a stone of wisdom, it promotes reflection and imagination. It also brings the stability and serenity necessary to face the difficulties and challenges of life to achieve its own goal. Stone of relaxation, leopard jasper purges the aura of negative energies. On the karmic side, leopard jasper is the stone of choice for the solar plexus. As an "Anchor Stone" it ensures a contribution of unity. This makes it an ideal stone to promote communication and bring cohesion within the family or a human group in general. The leopard jasper is especially favorable to the astrological signs of Virgo and Gemini.

Leopard Jasper Bracelet 4mm

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