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Celestine Druse Extra A + 1,800 kg approx. Benefit: Celestine / Celestite is a stone with high vibration ideal for mediation. Celestine / celestite natural stone leads to spiritual peace and pushes for enlightenment. Its properties: Soft stone, which acts calmly and brings comfort. Its gentle and soothing action is recommended for young children who cry under the effect of anxiety attacks. Celestine / celestite provides an influx of maternal tenderness. Natural stone useful for stimulating communication and clairvoyance. Celestine / Celestite helps to reach a higher level of perception. Celestine / Celestite attracts luck and heals aura, brings balance. Creative natural stone, useful for the arts. On the psychological level, It is a stone which has the properties of teaching confidence in wisdom, and its soothing effect calms violent emotions. Its gentle blue rays allow the energetics of the throat chakra to open and help resolve communication issues. Minerals that dispel pain and bring love.

Druse of Celestine from Madagascar

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