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Weight: 0.500 Approx This Heart Box of 7 natural rough stones is composed of a Blue Calcite, a Green Aventurine, a Red Jasper, a Rock Crystal, a Fluorite, a Citrine and of a Rose Quartz comes in a gift box. All of these natural stones are unique, so they can vary slightly in size, but also in shape. The ones you will receive will never be identical to other stones in the same category. In order to make the most of their immense beneficial properties, you can keep them either on you, in a pocket or in your purse. They will also make a very beautiful decoration in your interior, arranged on a piece of furniture, placed at the foot of a plant or in a glass or crystal support. In all cases, they will act for your well-being by eliminating electromagnetic waves, various negative energies and other waves harmful to your balance. They will balance the positive energies so that you feel good both outside and at home in your living spaces. Take advantage of this excellent way to preserve yourself with this very beautiful Box of 7 natural tumbled stones by clicking now on "Add to cart"

Heart of the 7 chakras

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€29.90Sale Price
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