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Labradorite Weight approximately 155 grams Labradorite is an essential stone of protection. It plays both the role of a shield and a sponge. As a shield because in its presence, labradorite protects against the ailments of others. Sponge because it absorbs negative energies and dissolves them. Worn in jewelry, labradorite amplifies the gift of pleasing others. Labradorite is therefore recommended for single people. Its direct application in lithotherapy is its regenerative action, labradorite is the ideal stone following severe fatigue (intellectual or physical). Stone that secures and restores aura wounds. If this stone is worn in jewelry, remember to clean it regularly because the smaller it is, the more it will charge. During its use, labradorite can change colors (pale, become transparent). or crack. This means that it has given all its properties to its user, and, that it is time to either return it to the earth or not to use it anymore. It is a stone that has its place in a place of passage either at home or at the office. Its shield and sponge effect allows places to maintain a certain neutrality. On oneself or in one's environment, this stone has its place everywhere. In lithographic application, on the solar plexus or on the heart Placed on the solar plexus, accompanied by an orange stone (orange calcite for example), it will allow the action of calcite to calm the patient and both 'absorbed negative energies and secure the aura.

Labradorite Heart A +

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