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THE POWER OF STONES OVER SLEEP Sleep disorders should not be overlooked, especially when they gradually settle into everyday life. In the first instance, a medical consultation makes it possible to take stock of the type and intensity of the disorders then to explore the explanatory causes from a physiological point of view as well as the possible treatments to be considered. Lithotherapy offers an alternative and gentle complementary response. The diversity of existing stones makes it possible to act at different levels. THE ROSE QUARTZ This light pink stone exudes softness and tenderness. It balances and harmonizes the personal emotional state but also relational. It is a gem of appeasement, which brings inner calm and reassurance. For sleep disorders, rose quartz is ideally associated with hematite. HEMATITIS This gem stimulates the feeling of confidence and security, it positively supports periods of change and the capacity for resilience. Associated with rose quartz, it promotes falling asleep and the depth of sleep. AMETHYST Violet in color, amethyst is said to absorb "bad thoughts". Thus, it alleviates headaches and those of the stomach related to stress or anxiety. It promotes mental clarity. For the protection of sleep, it decreases nightmares and disturbances. LEPIDOLITE This purplish gem is the ally of restful and continuous sleep. It helps fight sleep disorders and prevents episodes of nightmares. Lepidolite also acts on stress and anxiety.

Insomnia (Model 1)

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