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Physical properties White Jade is sovereign for the protection and harmonization of the renal sphere. Its main function is the balancing of fluids in the body, it will also be sovereign in cases of kidney stones, incontinence and cystitis. It strengthens the adrenal glands; treats migraines and fever. Placed on the Third 1/4 il Chakra, it promotes the balance of people prone to dizziness and soothes nervousness. Placed on the Chakra of the Heart 1/2, it soothes the physical manifestations of nervous origins (eczemas, herpes, zonas, etc.). White Jade is also recommended for young children. Psycho-emotional properties White Jade is a stone of wisdom, harmony and serenity, which conveys feelings of justice, honesty, tolerance, temperance, peace and security. It represents integrity and humility. It will be useful for people working in the field of justice or in the spheres of power (judges, lawyers, politicians, etc.), that it will guide towards making decisions, which are honest, fair and balanced. It also facilitates the regulation of conflicts, negotiations, mediations, by raising the level of consciousness of the antagonists and by balancing the judgment on others. In addition, White Jade helps to get rid of the feeling of guilt, facilitates forgiveness and letting go during mental ruminations. Energy properties White Jade emits male-type vibrations (Yang principle). It is vibrations reminiscent of that of white apophyllite. It constantly emits a pure and positive radiation which harmonizes its environment, It contributes to the harmonization and to the unblocking of all the energy centers. Spiritual properties White jade is a stone dedicated to beautiful souls, which increases lifespan and promotes resurrection. It facilitates meditation, intuition, dreaming and can help us work on our past lives.

Bracelet Jade white 6mm

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