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The benefits of the Selenite Lamp In Feng-shui, here are 7 good reasons to buy a Selenite lamp: 1- Create a warm and soothing atmosphere with the Selenite lamp The Selenite lamp is a real mood lamp. In the shape of a tower, it allows the refraction of light. You can place it in your living room or in a room where you like to be quiet. Indeed, when it is on, the lamp diffuses a warm, reassuring and above all very soothing atmosphere. In light therapy, it creates a soft and relaxing atmosphere conducive to serenity and meditation. 2 - Clean the negative energies of a room The lit Selenite lamp is purifying. It makes it possible to clean the energies of a room to create a healthy atmosphere. Place it in your living room or any other room so that it absorbs the ambient negativity emanating from the place or from people living under the same roof. 3 - Protect from electromagnetic waves Place the Selenite lamp near your television or your computer so that it absorbs the emitted electromagnetic waves. 4- Have a clearer mind with Selenite Its luminosity allows you to refocus the chakras and put your mind in order. We can say that it does the “cleaning” in the head: it soothes the congested and stressed nervous system. It helps to trust your intuition to make decisions when faced with a dilemma. 5- Having both a lamp and a female stone The name of the Selenite stone comes from Selene, the goddess of the Moon, and more precisely of the full Moon, in Greek mythology. She is often depicted with a long white dress and a crescent moon on her head. In lithotherapy, Selenite is a white stone of femininity. It is known to stabilize emotions and regulate the female cycle. For new mothers, the feminine energy of Selenite will allow you to establish a bond of love and comfort with your baby. 6 - Promote sleep The Selenite lamp can also be turned on in your bedroom or that of your child. Placed on a shelf or a bedside table in a resting place, it can be used as a bedside lamp or a nightlight for a child. It allows you to relax and remove tension. Its restful light therefore favors falling asleep. 7- A beautiful decorative lamp The purchase of a Selenite lamp allows you to add a little touch of natural decoration to your interior in addition to the benefits it provides. You will be seduced by the sobriety of this stone lamp, by its elegance and its unusual shape. How to cleanse and purify the Selenite lamp? Unplug the lamp, then wipe with a small, dry, soft cloth to remove dust. Warning: do not put the lamp in contact with water, do not use soap. Do not put it in a room that is too humid. To purify and recharge your Selenite lamp, we advise you to put it in full sunlight.

Selenite lamp 30 cm

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