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ON THE MENTAL In lithotherapy, the black obsidian stone is considered as the deepest mirror of the soul which brings the hidden things of the subconscious into consciousness. These can be fears or trauma, but also creative qualities. Only use obsidian very consciously, as the obsidian effect can be very explosive. It is important to be prepared to accept negative experiences and changes. Black obsidians are also powerful tools for meditation. Rainbow obsidian is softer, but with greater protective power. Pleasant and not as ruthless as its black counterpart is snowflake obsidian. This healing stone builds self-confidence and prevents constraining views. The effect of obsidian on the psyche: Supports anxiety, trauma, shock Promotes awareness and spiritual capacities Brings clarity, serenity, inner peace Strengthens the flow of energy, dissolves blockages, protects against negative energies ON THE BODY On the physical level, the obsidian stone deploys their heating effect. If you suffer from hypotension or if your hands and feet are constantly cold, this natural stone is your reliable companion in lithotherapy. Obsidians help relieve back pain, improve blood circulation, speed wound healing, and relieve muscle inflammation. Obsidian is also known for its hemostatic effect. Snowflake obsidian also helps against hangovers after excessive alcohol consumption. The general healing effects of obsidian on the body are: Helps relieve circulatory disorders and tension Alleviates asthma and muscle cramps Improves wound healing Strengthens connective tissue Promotes absorption of vitamins C and D Helps to relieve stomach and intestinal ailments

Black obsidian pendant + (Cord offered)

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