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HELP WITH WEIGHT LOSS Apatite Apatite is the ideal stone to accompany a slimming diet. Its mineral characteristics give it a significant virtue. Indeed, apatite allows you to go back to the very source of your problem: why are you eating so much? You can use this stone to do an introspection, a meditation on the question of your overweight. Howlite Howlite is a mineral with properties particularly appreciated in terms of slimming diet. Among the stones recommended for people who follow a slimming diet, howlite is mainly recommended to effectively fight against water retention. It allows to better structure the exchange of liquids between cells and has the advantage of gently eliminating cellulite. To lose weight sustainably and without relapse, howlite is the ideal stone to use. Rock crystal Stone of balance par excellence, rock crystal is very appreciated for its many virtues, allowing to help you in the context of your health problems, including overweight. Often associated with other stones to reduce the rate of fat in the body, rock crystal helps to sustain the results obtained through a slimming diet. Lapis-lazuli To gently lose weight by harmonizing the structure of the body, choose lapis-lazuli. It is ideal for nervous or depressed people who find refuge from their problems in food and have bulimia problems. This virtuous crystal helps in good blood circulation and brings an atmosphere of peace to its owner.


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