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OVERCOMING GRIEF The lithotherapy stones for grief listed below are those that many healers personally use in their own work during times of grief and the healing process accompanying great loss. Onyx Onyx is a crystal which is, according to the followers of lithotherapy, a great moral support. It allows you to face stressful situations with calm and appeasement. As part of the bereavement, onyx can facilitate the process by reducing the stress that is caused by the loss of a loved one and that could impact our state of mind and our body. Moonstone As its name suggests, this crystal is strongly linked to the lunar star and therefore allows us to better understand the cycles of change and cycles of pain. She will accompany the bereaved throughout the process by emitting soothing vibratory energy. Moonstone also stabilizes emotions, which can be particularly useful in times of mourning, especially during the second stage of mourning: anger. Rose Quartz Rose quartz is a prized crystal for its rebalancing power. It is the symbol of unconditional love, gentleness and the return to childhood, which makes it the most effective ally against the pain of bereavement. Its power of consolation will be particularly useful throughout the grieving process. Rhodonite If you notice that you are having significant difficulties in accepting the loss of a loved one. ... Like amethyst, rhodonite has very calming energy and can help relieve stress and anxiety.

Overcome grief (Model 2)

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