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Vitality Bracelet💪🏼 Composition: Carnelian: Carnelian is a variety of orange chalcedony, due to the presence of hematite. Carnelian makes you dynamic, focused on its goals and more open to new experiences that nourish the soul. It gives courage, vitality, allows the surpassing of oneself. It reconnects with the intimate sphere, with the sacred feminine. Garnet: A powerful stimulating and purifying crystal, Garnet is known to instill emotional balance, strength and vitality while enhancing creativity and passion. Garnet activates vital energy, the potential for materialization and regulates sexuality. Red jasper: Strongly linked to the root chakra, it offers multiple benefits on the sexual organs. Its gentle energy also acts on blockages in the liver and relieves nervous tension. The red jasper stone gives strength and vitality, activating the regeneration of muscle tissue and slowing the effects of aging. Pyrite: Pyrite is related to the root chakra or base chakra, it anchors in the present, increases vitality and self-confidence. ... The golden shine stone is also associated with the solar plexus chakra which brings vital force, dynamism and determination.

Vitality, strength and sexuality boost

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