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What is a chakras?

The chakras are energy points that dot our entire body. They allow energies to circulate and bring physical and mental balance to each human being. The 7 main energy centers are located between the sacrum and the fontanel, all along our spine, to the top of the skull. By following this line, we therefore find the 7 main chakras. These are supported by thousands of secondary chakras that are located all over our body.

Why do you need to balance your chakras?

According to Buddhist tradition, working to balance your chakras brings inner peace. The ultimate goal is to achieve nirvana, that almost divine state which connects man to the cosmos and to Earth at all points, in perfect material and spiritual balance. For this, it is necessary to know the meaning of the chakras and to work on their opening and their right balance. Indeed, when the chakras are out of balance (too closed or too open), there is an imbalance of body and mind. It is then the door open to physical and mental illnesses, to daily worries and internal conflicts.

How to balance your chakras?

We advise you to wear 7 chakras a jewel with multiple meanings. Indeed, the succession of these 7 stones, which each represent a chakra, helps to find the energy balance necessary for the opening of the primary chakras. Each chakra links us to an aspect of our body and soul. Becoming aware of their meaning allows us to harmonize our energies and our beliefs in order to open up to a spiritual awakening.
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What is the meaning of the 7 chakras bracelet

Bracelets 7 chakras are bracelets on which are mounted at least 7 stones of 7 different colors. Each stone represents a chakra. On some models of 7 chakras bracelets, there are 7 sets of 3 stones. The meaning is the same. The only difference is the extra power due to the cumulative strength of three stones, this type of sacred gem is crafted using semi-precious stones that channel energies and resonate with our chakras. The use of a 7 chakras bracelet worn on the wrist, allows the contact of the stones on our skin and the direct transfer of cosmic and telluric energy in the body.

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