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Aquamarine is a calming stone, it reinforces the budding love (it is frequently offered as an engagement ring) and reinforces the love of existing couples. Its calm sea color has always dedicated it to hassle-free sea travel. It is the stone of sailors, for whom it protects from drowning, and from all sailors. Aquamarine aligns all of the chakras. It is more particularly associated with the neck chakra, and the throat chakra, which it allows to purify. It is associated with the astrological signs of Aquarius, Pisces, Libra and Gemini. The benefits of aquamarine against physical ailments Beaches with coconut palms and turquoise waters Physically, aquamarine is renowned for its ability to strengthen the immune system, it has a general tonic effect. It harmonizes the functioning of the endocrine glands (thyroid, pituitary, etc.), is beneficial to the lymph and strengthens the immune system in general. It soothes eye fatigue and calms dental pain. Heart, high blood pressure and blood diseases Aquamarine is renowned for its ability to regulate the heart rate and its beneficial effects on the blood system. It is recommended for high blood pressure, blood diseases and to strengthen the heart in general. Motion sickness and nausea A stone that protects travelers, aquamarine relieves motion sickness. It is particularly recommended for seasickness. In general, it helps soothe nausea. Respiratory system, throat, vocal cords and larynx Aquamarine has a favorable influence on the entire respiratory system. It is indicated in cases of respiratory tract infection, angina, bronchitis, cough. It is beneficial to the tonsils, the larynx, the throat and strengthens the vocal cords. It also helps relieve allergic manifestations: hay fever, sinusitis. Skin allergies and rashes Aquamarine helps calm skin conditions: eczema, psoriasis and acne. If you suffer from skin allergies, you can make an aquamarine elixir. Let your stone soak in a glass of water overnight. Apply the lotion several times a day without rubbing (keep cool for a week). The benefits of aquamarine on the psyche and relationships Heart-shaped island in the middle of tropical marine waters The soft and relaxing vibrations of aquamarine promote communication, tenderness and develop sensitivity. It promotes artistic professions, brings inspiration and eloquence, and increases the capacity for expression. Anxiety and anxiety Its soothing vibrations help calm anxiety, as well as nervous and emotional tension, to make room for inner peace. We will also recommend it to people prone to anxiety. Intellect Aquamarine benefits the brain and helps keep the mind young. It sharpens the intellect, clarifies perception and promotes studies. It stimulates lucid and far-sighted thinking. It is particularly recommended for an oral examination. Courage and communication Aquamarine promotes communication, tolerance and tenderness, and increases the sense of responsibility. It is also a stone renowned for the courage it provides. It decreases stress. For these reasons, it is particularly recommended for an oral examination.

8mm Aquamarine Bracelet

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