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Rose quartz is one of the strongest stones symbolizing love. It is attached to the heart chakra, 4th chakra. Rose quartz natural stone radiates unconditional love, but also tenderness and gentleness. This stone allows us to connect to universal love. Rose quartz raises awareness of the joys of love. Rose quartz has the benefits of softening hearts and the most painful emotional wounds. Thanks to its ability to gently dispel anger, natural rose quartz stone integrates inner peace deep within oneself. The properties of rose quartz are to strengthen friendship and bring peace, self-respect, and promote forgiveness. According to a legend, Eros will bring rose quartz to earth, representing the beauty of Aphrodite and that this stone would spread love instead of hatred and human anger. Rose quartz leads to inner peace bringing calm to oneself and opens up to spirituality. It stimulates self-respect. It allows you to find your energy center through this enveloping serenity. Rose quartz. Rose quartz develops the imagination and artistic gifts. Rose quartz has the virtue of inspiring affection, stimulates creativity and eases harshness. Its action is beneficial in regaining confidence and harmony in relationships. Rose quartz is easily offered as a symbol of love and friendship.

Baroque rose quartz bracelet

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