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AT THE PHYSICAL LEVEL Howlite can be a great friend to help you succeed on a slimming diet… and it is not only by providing you with a certain inner punch. In fact, this stone has the virtue of making the evacuation of liquids easy thanks to its dehydrating and diuretic power. It also helps improve blood circulation, replenish red and white blood cells, and strengthen bones and teeth. It naturally fights cavities and other dental difficulties such as gingivitis or periodontitis. This concerns both the youngest and the elderly. Howlite has a beneficial power on the epidermis, allowing the skin to regain its elasticity. This stone, in addition to the fact that it helps in weight loss, strengthens the digestive system and allows it to defy several pathologies. Diuretics cleanse your body, disinfect it, and anticipate many ailments, especially those associated with the stomach, intestines or liver. Often, little attention is paid to the damage stress can cause to our body. Obviously, if the stress level is too high, then it is essential to consult a doctor. However, Howlite's favors can complement this medical follow-up, and provide protection for your heart. As Howlite is renowned for the soothing and softness it provides, it can therefore anticipate certain diseases such as arterial hypertension, often associated with stress, alcohol or obesity. By extension, Howlite therefore reduces the dangers of sudden and fatal diseases such as heart failure, sometimes the result of persistent stress. Finally, the stone restores vigor to the nails, to the hair. AT THE EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL LEVEL Howlite, this stone of wisdom and reason, can bring you support and be of great comfort, in painful moments, whatever they may be. Wearing a Howlite will therefore help you overcome your phobias, and allow you to progress, to evolve. She has no equal in getting you out of a thorny situation, in helping you finish a fairly complex job or in carrying out a presumptuous project brilliantly! By intervening on the veins and the heart, Howlite gives us composure and helps us more easily find solutions to our difficulties, without anxiety. For good reason, Howlite purifies our mind and our thoughts by removing all superfluous and negative ideas. Thus, our powers of concentration, our memory are accentuated and become more efficient. Howlite, as indicated above is effective to fight against constant stress, against burn-out, giving you serenity and peace. And you will discover that little by little everything will fade as if by magic thanks to the purifying gifts of this miraculous stone. Thanks to the beneficial virtues of the stone, you will become more zen by controlling your emotions and over time, you will be able to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

Bracelet Howlite 6mm

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