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Symbol of rebirth, stone of action and initiative, ideal for those who realize a project. It gently energizes the root chakra. warms the body. comforts in difficult situations. Anchor stone. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------- The red jasper is called "supreme protector". It helps during the period of stress and brings serenity and calm. The natural stone red jasper anchors energy and gently stimulates. It helps bring issues to the fore before they get too big and overwhelming. Red jasper has the property of purifying and strengthening the aura. Its properties act slowly and gently. Natural stone red jasper tempers emotionality and restores self-confidence. It stimulates the reproductive organs and activates the sexual glands. With rock crystal and magnesium, red jasper is said to relieve digestion, gas and constipation. In the environment and its living space, red jasper absorbs negative energies and evacuates them. In jewelry, red jasper has the same properties.

6mm red jasper bracelet

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