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Sacred stone, promotes understanding. It is a tool for awakening extrasensory faculties. this stone is an effective energy shield against psychic attacks. Lapis lazuli is a stone which restores self-confidence and encourages taking control of one's life. It facilitates the expression of his feelings and emotions. It is a stone of communication which resolves the blockages at the level of personal and oral expression. It lets stress go quickly and thus brings deep peace. Lapis Lazuli endows the personality with honesty, righteousness and compassion. Lapis lazuli would relieve migraines, bring a benefit to the respiratory and nervous systems as well as to the throat. It would alleviate insomnia and reduce dizziness. On the psychological level, lapis lazuli would be suitable for nervous or anxious people. Being considered as the stone of communication it allows personal expression without restraint or compromise and would unravel blockages in the throat when anger is repressed. Lapis lazuli is a stone that would be suitable in all spaces related to communication.

Lapis lazuli bracelet 8mm

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