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Hypersensitivity and lithotherapy! -What natural stone for hypersensitive people and definition of hypersensitivity Hypersensitivity is a vast subject and affects more and more people. Strictly, a hypersensitive can be defined as someone who has an intense responsiveness to emotional stimuli. Concretely, a hypersensitive feels more emotions than the average person, his own as well as those of the others, to such an extent that it can constitute suffering in the everyday life. A hypersensitive feels too much. Some psychologists explain this excess by a difference in connection between left brain (logic) and right brain (imagination). So you could say that they are wired differently. This has the effect of over-activating certain areas of the brain linked to emotions, but especially to have a completely different view of the world. Knowing if you are hypersensitive Emotional hypersensitivity affects 15 to 20% of the population. Among the components of hypersensitivity, we note: Increased perception of one's own emotions, any emotion (joy, anger, sadness) is amplified up to to become physical and visible. Strong empathy towards others, an ability to put yourself in other people's shoes and to feel their emotions, Tree-like thoughts, you often go from rooster to donkey, your ideas fuse and you have to make an effort to control your speaking speed and the links between ideas so as not to lose your listener, Your brain is constantly thinking or even going in circles. You sometimes have difficulty falling asleep because your brain does not want to stop thinking, A gift of observation and analysis, you quite easily identify people from their verbal and non-verbal communication, Particularly sensitive to stress . This list is not exhaustive but gives a portrait of the hypersensitive. The qualities of a hypersensitive: The hypersensitive are very creative! In addition to having an incredible sense of perception and "human" I would say that a hypersensitive person is a highly creative person. You have a certain gift for perceiving the invisible, the nuances of emotions, understanding the other and, strangely, you have the impression that people confide in you more easily. It is because you know how to listen. You have an extraordinary ability to analyze and understand "human" issues. Your thought forms like a spider's web and you think about multiple things at the same time. Once launched, it's hard to stop! These skin-deep people have a certain artistic talent, something that bubbles up inside them and asks only to be expressed. They are very sensitive and very intuitive people. The handicap of the hypersensitive: the hypersensitive are often affected by depression. Unfortunately, the flip side for hypersensitive people is that their main quality can become their main handicap. Your sensitivity can become overwhelming very quickly, it is hard to deal with such intense emotions. Often times you cry in front of a movie or a series because you feel what the characters are going through. You listen to others even if it means erasing yourself. Some ill-intentioned people will take the opportunity to manipulate you. Having a tendency to see the good everywhere, it is all the more difficult to pay attention to this kind of people (the hypersensitive are the preferred prey of narcissistic perverts). Such developed empathy can also harm you in public / cramped places. Being close to other people can easily become torment because their emotions quickly overwhelm you. You have a creative and intuitive mind but not enough self-confidence to get started and dare. In your eyes, you are not good enough to see completely zero; if you are successful you will tend to feel like an impostor (see impostor phenomenon). Sometimes the gift of hypersensitivity turns into a poisoned gift, sometimes the world can be cruel to these beings who offer love all the time. Due to their sensitivity to stress, hypersensitive people suffer more from anxiety and depression. They need peace and solitude. Being hypersensitive and accepting your difference in order to be able to understand its mechanisms is a key that helps you live better. Hypersensitive and lithotherapy Stones can help calm emotions. Certain natural stones used in lithotherapy can actually help you manage your hypersensitivity. Some will act on anxieties, others will help calm the mind and protect you from the emotions of others. -Labradorite: Labradorite absorbs and dissolves negative energies from people around you and protects its wearer from any interference or parasitic. -Aventurine: The aventurine helps to take a step back, to have patience and to put joy and mirth in his life. -Howlite: Howlite helps to discern and see things as they are. Balances mood and hypersensitivity. -Moonstone: Moonstone balances the vibrations and energies of the body. Help sensitive people express themselves. Help with self-tolerance. -Lapis Lazuli Lapis Lazuli stimulates the brain, harmonizes body and mind, fights anguish and sadness.

Bracelet for "hypersensitivity" Male Model

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