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Unakite is especially recognized by lithotherapy as a stone for regeneration and strengthening of the body. The stone seems to have a positive effect on the immune system, bones and teeth that it would strengthen and revitalize. Favorable to the elimination of fats and toxins from the body, unakite would be recommended in case of diet or diet. It would also help women in periods of ovulation and promote the renewal of tissues and cells. On the psychic and spiritual level, unakite is an excellent support for those who suffer from discomfort and blocking traumas linked to the past. People suffering from excessive anger or jealousy would do well to bring an unakite stone to moderate their emotions. The stone also promotes introspection and self-knowledge, giving the person the wisdom necessary to temper judgments and appreciations. Considered a stone of vision, unakite is said to aid in meditation and extracorporeal travel. On the karmic level, unakite is favorable to several chakras including that of the solar plexus, the root chakra or the frontal chakra and the heart chakra. Unakite is believed to confer a different benefit depending on the chakra to which it is applied. Unakite is not favorable to a particular astrological sign, it would rather be beneficial to all signs. The purification of unakite is done by immersing the stone in demineralized water for a few hours. It is recharged by exposure to the rays of the sun or the moon by placing the unakite on a cluster of quartz.

Bracelet Unakite 6mm

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