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ON THE MENTAL The curative effect in lithotherapy of aventurine affects both physical and mental areas. The precious stone has a healing effect on the psyche, it strengthens self-confidence and self-confidence. In addition, it strengthens its wearer, helps it make difficult decisions and meet challenges. The effects of the aventurine stone on the mental level are: Representing your own interests Confidence in your own abilities Creativity, vigor, joie de vivre Peace, patience, self control and serenity ON THE BODY In addition to the mental and spiritual level, aventurine has an effect on the body. Whether it is for the skin, the cardiovascular system or the respiratory system: aventurine is aptly named as a healing stone. The effects in lithotherapy of aventurine on the physical level are: Reduction of skin irritations, skin problems, acne, psoriasis, asthma blisters, bronchial infections high cholesterol, back pain, muscle tension

Green Aventurine pendant + (Cord offered)

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€6.50Sale Price
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