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Excellent for intellectual activity. Ideal for concentration and memory. Stone of the creators. Stone of spiritual perceptions, clear hearing, mediumship, intuition. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------------- Highly protective stone. It would promote impartiality and intensify intuition. It would have a beneficial effect on groups bringing them stability by bringing them together for a common goal. On the psychological level his energy would allow to have an excellent concentration as well as a deep analytical mind. Would be very useful when one must act with objectivity and impartiality. On the emotional level, fluorite would have a stabilizing effect. On the physical level it would promote balance and coordination. It would be beneficial for the teeth, the bones. It would alleviate arthritis, would relieve pain, especially that of affections related to the nerves. Would treat the skin by having a beneficial effect on imperfections and wrinkles. Positioning as needed for healing would suck negative energy and stress. In jewelry, it would be an ally against nervousness. Minerals need to be cleaned and recharged in order for their original properties to be regained. The smaller the stone, the more it requires cleaning and recharging. Your jewelry, your minerals placed in your environment, your minerals used for your lithotherapy sessions. Before any reloading, you must clean your stone. To purify fluorite / fluorite you can place it in an amethyst geode or quartz block or also in unsalted water.

Fluorite + pendants (Cord offered)

€7.50 Regular Price
€5.00Sale Price
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